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Services not available in AL, MA, NJ, NY or VA.


There are a host of good resources online about VA Loans and VA Loan Requirements. The official government pages have educational information on the process and qualification standards. You may also visit a Regional Office to get help.


Military home buyers are at a fantastic advantage thanks to the VA Loan Program. VA Loans are available for no down payment and loan amounts that can reach $729,000 or more based on your location.

What are the requirements to obtain a VA Loan?

1. Service Time

You must currently be serving in the United States military or be an honorably discharged veteran to qualify. Surviving spouses and members of the Reserves or National Guard can also obtain VA Loans.

2. VA Loan Limits

The VA Loan "Limit" in your area refers to the maximum loan amount the government will guarantee in that area. Typically this amount is $417,000 but it can be much higher in high costs areas.

3. Qualifying for a VA Mortgage

VA Loans are not freebies - you still have to qualify just like with a traditional mortgage. Your lender will review your:

  • Credit Score and History
  • Current Income
  • Other Debts and Leins
  • Past Bankruptcies
  • and a few other items that all mortgage borrowers must verify.

Do not be intimidated. The VA Loan is a great tool for first-time home buyers and the process is fairly simple.

4. Certificate of Eligibility

A Certificate of Eligibility (COE) serves as proof of your service and eligibility for a VA Loan. You must obtain a COE during the pre-qualification process.

To receive your COE from the VA you must complete VA Form 26-1880, shown on the right. Your lender can help you secure a COE.

What Our Customers Say:

Working with VUHL was fantastic!

"Working with Veterans United was fantastic. We got to closing on time. We had a very short deadline to get there and they made it happen for us. Our broker was really knowledgeable with everything going on in the market. He knew when to lock in the interest rate and how to get us to closing fast."

Rachel Gotts